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2-seat sofa, design Julie Conrad: one or both sides of the backrest can be closed to shapeshift into an auxiliary table. Seat and backrest are made of several levels of foam coated with Tyvek™. This ingenious, very comfortable, unique and poetic maple-made sofa recollects a bench and a book when closed. Handicraft and made with care product.Available in light or dark- dyed, children/xs or adult/normal size, 1 or 2-seat.

* water-proof component also resistant to abrasion
- Trademark by par DuPont -

1900 euros excl tax + shipping fees (2-seat)
children/adult size, light/dark-dyed maple-made
1500 euros excl tax + shipping fees (1-seat)

Françoise Schein is acknowledged for her permanent urban installations and metro stations dedicated to Human Rights. She has also introduced unique participative artistic projects with the people of brazilians favelas or of suburbs in Europe.
This monograph book - in french - is a reference for everyone that care for art, architecture and Human Rights.
Mardaga 2014
Preface : Siri Hustvedt, 240 pages

45 euros incl tax + shipping fees

The Declaration of Human Rights, of which an extract* - in french - is written upside down, can only be read through its shadow when enlightened. First written in Paris during the revolution, Human Rights are still tenuous and hang only by a thread...
Cutout aluminium sculpture/cotton thread
Françoise Schein
, 2015
limited edition 30 original copies
20 x 15 x 17 cm

* "L'ignorance, l'oubli ou le mépris des droits de l'Homme sont les seules causes des malheurs publics et de la corruption des gouvernements"

450 euros incl tax + shipping fees